Free shipping Assemble dice box

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  •  Kaleidoscope
      Group Shopping   When the orders for this products hits 10, we will ship the dice   20 colors as the photo below shows 400 sets in total 0 Shipping cost  all new colors! 5 Translucent Gem Dice, no bubbles 5 Solid Color Dice, macaron color 5 Blend Color Dice..
  • (Pearl color+Blend color) Assemble box
    Free shipping assemble box 10 colors are blend color dice set, the other 10 colors are pearl color dice set. 20 color in total, 10 sets/each color, 200 sets/box Noted: the color are picked randomly   ..
  • 8th Dimension
    Free shipping box 200 sets/color 20 colors 10 sets/color     ..
  • 9th Dimension
    Free shipping box 200 sets, 20 colors, 10 sets/color ..
  • Blend Color Box(2019)
    New free shipping assemble box. The product will be the same as that show in the pictures.  There will be 15 different color blend color dice, and five blend color glow in the dark dice. 20 colors, 10 sets/color, 200 sets in total. ..
  • Box for New Release
    Assemble box for the latest new release, 200 sets in total, 10 sets/color Contains all luminous dice, iridecent dice and snowglobe dice! And free shipping!     ..